SCOPe Basic Lower Limb Orthotics.

REPOST· PUBLISHED JANUARY 30, 2019 · UPDATED JANUARY 30, 2019 Dates: 12/11/2018-21/11/2018It was a blended training module (five weeks online theoretical sessions and 10 days of practical) organized by ICRC in collaboration with Human study e.v Nuremberg Germany and Rehab Initiative organised from

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Training on partial foot prosthesis conducted at PIRS islamabad

REPOST· PUBLISHED JANUARY 27, 2019 · UPDATED JANUARY 29, 2019 A five day long Hands on training was held is PIRS, isra university, Islamabad, organized by Rehab Initiative and ICRC. 10 PnOs from different clinical and educational institutes were invited. Training consisted of both theoretical

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