O&P Webinar on advanced prosthetics at KFUEIT

Department of Health Sciences KFUEIT organized a webinar on Modern trends in Orthotics & prosthetics. The keynote speaker was CPO Mr Irtaza Kazmi from Dubai (UAE). The main focus of the session remained Bebionic Hand and Advance Upper Limb Prosthesis. As the incidents of machine injury are frequent in Rahim yar khan periphery specially, and in South Punjab in general, there is a huge need of prosthetic hands and Prosthetics limbs. Therefore, it was particularly discussed that how this vacuum of underutilization of Rehabiltation services can be fulfilled by the active work of upcoming batch of CPO’s in the given area. It greatly motivated the young members of the first Batch of BSOP at Department of Health Sciences KFUEIT.At the end of the session Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist (CPO) from Ministry of Human Rights ‘Madam Hufsa Shahzad’ gave an orientation video message to the students, and underlined the importance of this great profession, as well as appreciated the vision of WVC Prof. Dr Muhammad Suleman Tahir regarding their efforts to tackle disability in south punjab. In the concluding remarks Mr.Ahamd Bilal Arif hod department of health sciences emphasized on the role of Orthotist & Prosthetist in improving the quality of life from disabled to enabled. Mr Muhammad Waqas Kaleem as a first step towards achieving their goal of ‘Enable the Unable’ also participated in the event.

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