We are happy to offer free online consultations through our experienced and qualified consultants.

All the services are free of cost. You can ask if:

You are a medical professional and want to get expert opinion about Orthotics Prosthetics
You are a rehabilitation professional and need to know about Orthotics Prosthetics Treatments
You are an Orthotist Prosthetist and want to share your treatment plans
You are an O&P student and need to discuss you patient
You are a Patient and want to know more about your orthotic Prosthetics treatment
you are a relative/friend of a patient and want to do more for your patient
Then just write to us about your problem and we will try our best to help you.



  1. Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed                            Senior Orthotist, DHA, Dubai           Pediatric Orthotics
  2. Mr. Shad Muhammad Khan          Senior Orthotist, Sharjah
  3. Mr. Mazhar Hussain Tazagrami   Senior Prosthetist , Dubai
  4. Mr. Usman Ghani                               Senior Orthotist, DHA, Dubai           Pediatric Orthotics
  5. Mr. Rafaqat Khan Afridi                  Senior Orthotist, UK


E-Clinic is a free volunteer service by OPPAK.com to serve the community through a well experienced panel of experts. OPPAK.com and the consultants panel has no responsibilty regarding any technical, financial or clinical issues you may have by following the opinion. It is advised to share all the opinion and details to your orthotist prosthetist for treatment