O&P Organizations /NGOs

House Number 110, Street 66, F-11/4, Islamabad Pakistan.
Our vision is of a world, where every disabled child is the making of an individual capable of sustaining their lives with greater self-esteem and freedom from servitude.

C-ARP is a registered Trust, working in world, in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders, to rehabilitate amputee children.
Our mission is to empower and mainstream disabled children as productive, active and inclusive members of the society and to overcome the prevalent negative attitude of the society towards disability.


Chal Foundation
26-D, Basement, Kashmir Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
CHAL Foundation is the outcome of Chal network anchored in Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre (MHHCC) Karachi as a result of October 05, 2008 earthquake.

The aim was to bring together the existing professionally managed rehab institutions and professionals in Pakistan and abroad to network and offer the deprived physically impaired persons in the earthquake-hit areas access to the best available rehabilitation services.
CHAL Foundation is currently operating its services at Bagh (AJK), Balakot, Battagram and Besham (KPK) and is planning to extend its services in collaboration with private and public sector organizations throughout the country in the future.

Naya Qadam Trust
NRSP Farm, Japan Road,Sihala, Islamabad

Established in 2005, following the Kashmir earthquake that devastated parts of Asia, the Naya Qadam Trust is a non-profit organisation that was set up by Dr. Viquar Qurashi and his team of volunteer doctors working overseas, originally to aid those who were left physically disabled by the disaster. Since then, this charity has grown and played a crucial role for amputees in several other areas of conflict and catastrophe.

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